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Dress Store: Exhibit Ltd

Exhibit Ltdlogo

Exhibit great fashion amazing prices.

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Exhibit Ltd
Unit 45 Castle Court
Royal Avenue
Belfast, BT1 1DD
Phone: 028 90234950

Services Offered: Girls & Women's Fashion

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

No Website

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Shop Rank
26 out of 97 users recommend this listing
5 out of 97 users do not recommend this listing

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Latest Reviews

* Mary

Always buy clothes from here when I am over in Belfast clothes great quality which I have bought and prices excellent shame they do not do online ordering would be great as I live in Scotland. Always had a pleasant experience in the Cookstown store and staff pleasant.

Oct 17, 2011
* tracy

wehen r u goin to get a website for ur shop

Sep 11, 2011
* flipper

The shop in sligo is excellent apart from the staff, they never ask you if you are ok or hang around the dressing rooms to see if you need help. i have to be the one that gets the conversation started at the counter when paying even just saying "oh this is lovely" blah blah and get like a bored uneducated in retail girl grunt at me, apart from that i buy all my clothes there but a bit of manners could bring in more customers

Apr 23, 2011
* shannon

i think the staff are very nice, always help u very talkative and, clothes are great

Mar 17, 2011
* Jennifer

In Monaghan They Have Very Friendly Staff And Are Really Helpful When You Need Something But Recently I Went To Their Shop In Dundalk And I Have A Few Complaints 1st : The Staff Are Really Rude 2nd : There Can Be Faults In Dresses ,Tops ,Jeans ..etc.. 3rd The Prices Are WAY Too High [and the prices are great in monaghan] So Its Hard To Give Them Marks When Some Shops Are Great And Some Awful

Feb 28, 2011
* jay

Would be great if we could shop on line at Exibit?? Need to e.mail them to let them know it would be worth while.

Jan 17, 2011
* Becca

I luv exhibit, clothes are amzing and GR8 value. Go 2 dis shop!!!!!!

Jul 7, 2010
* Nina

To be honest I dont care what the staff are like aslong as I can buy an item in my size that fits me! I am 13 and no member of staff has ever looked at me as if I was about to shoplift. So You are talking crap! Exhibt is a great store, Im going to buy my dress in there for a huge party for my whole year. So I recommend it to everyone!

Jun 26, 2010
* Courtney

i think the return policy in exhibit is very fair, some stores do not allow refunds or credit notes so be thankful, if you read the receipt it clearly states that items can only be returned within 14 days, give the girls a break they are only doing their job

Apr 13, 2010
* sarah

staff very unhelpfull and very cheeky

Feb 10, 2010
* xxx

exhibit ... how much has this store improved in the last few months ? new members of staff are amazing excellent customer service skills and look great 2.

Feb 6, 2010
* sarah

i think its a very friendly and brill shop. love it!!

Jan 18, 2010
* Joanne

The staff are not at all helpful. I used to shop in this store quite often until I bought a dress and when i didnt like on but could not find my receipt i wasnt allowed an exchange, not even the same item in a different size and when i returned after finding my receipt it was too late - 2 WEEKS - what happened to the 28 days the majority of stores offer

Jan 13, 2010
* karen

shop in exhibit in dundalk marshes centre,always get somrthing 2 wear.bit pokey could do with bigger store.always find staff okay.
and prices very reasonable.

Dec 28, 2009
* Megan

I love Exhbit in Castle Court, the staff are very friendly and the manager is especially helpful! The clothes are also very cheap and fashionable. :D

Dec 26, 2009
* Megan

I really like this shop, the staff are helpful and the location is perfect-{castlevourt}. The clothes are also very fashionable.
P.S0- I love the manager!!!

Dec 25, 2009
* pamela

abbeycentre store, mum bought me a dress on the sat and just wanted an exchange on the tues but had lost my reciept. i asked a girl who then asked another girl who didnt even lift her head from what she was doing just barked no!!! now i have a dress going to waste, the returns policy is very unfair i wasnt looking my money back or anything. so very unhelpful and useless staff!!

Dec 15, 2009
* victoria

the exhibit shop in Enniskillen is the best very helpful and pleasant staff

Dec 14, 2009
* rita

dundalk store in the marshes advertising 'sterling prices' 1 = 1.20 euro brilliant i thought BUT.....they do not accept sterling!
Bought 2 dresses should have been 41STG BUT WAS 49.20EURO how crap was that

Dec 14, 2009
* Tracy

Went to this store while on holiday. Loved it! when are you coming to the uk???

Dec 3, 2009
* Orla Mc Cullagh

Atrocious Customer service bought a 32pounds dress wore once & it ripped on me an obviosly a faulty dresstook it bk to the store & they refused to do anything about it said it wasnt a faulty dress even though a friend bought the same dress & the same thing happend obviously a faulty dress but yet its not exhibits Fault. I used to spend about 45pounds per month but i will never shop here again terrible terrible customer service rude staff & customer policy. i would advice consumers to shop in stores that would replace or refund faulty items

Dec 2, 2009
* Gemma

Love this shop, clothes very up-2-date, staff very helpful and friendly. Would recommend this store to anybody looking for an outfit for a night out with staff who are there to help.

Oct 12, 2009
* Claire Dougherty

Myself and my daughter love this shop (Castlecourt Branch). The clothes are off great quality and very up-to-date. The staff are friendly and helpful, especially the manager who will go out of her way to accomodate you. I love this shop.

Sep 12, 2009
* lauraine

went in2 omagh store 2 get a refund on a dress i had bought,obnoxious blondy haired member of staff refused 2 refund me cos i had dress longer than 14 days, what a ridulous rule. I would buy most of my clothes in exhibit & have exchanged & refunded things after 14 days before with no hassle,, why the problem 2day???

Sep 5, 2009
* orlagh

this shop used to be one of my fav shop to shop at at and i was absalutly discusted at the lack of respect they had for you no manners whatsoever.

Aug 2, 2009
* Emma

The following reviews are a pile of absolute complete rubbish. Yes the staff may not be something you would expect in GUCCI or ZARA but they arent exactly getting top wages! The clothes are beautiful and the staff have manners! I'm not saying they are next in line to the be the queen but I know if I had to go into town everyday and sit at a cash register or sort out numerous amounts of clothes I wouldn't exactly be in the best of moods and I would say the previous reveiwers would be! I would advise everyone to shop in exhibit as it has gorgeous clothes and great bargains!

Jul 18, 2009
* Vanessa

Staff in Ballymena store are not pleasant at all. It seems that unless you are at least twenty years old or above they treat you as if you are going to shop lift. To be honest there isn't anything worth stealing never mind purchasing.

Jul 11, 2009
* Elaine

The store in lisburn is very good a bit pokey but the staff are always pleasant and willing to help

Jun 28, 2009
* Ellen

I love it there.All the clothes are soooo kl.But I do think they need more make-up and another seperate unit for testers.!!!Still lovin it!!:)

Jun 7, 2009
* Melissa

have to say was very pleased when i went to this shop, clothes are very nice and staff were very helpful in helping me choose an outfit to match my shape. 1 girl spent at least a half hour trying to get my size in everything i wanted. Pleasure for her managers, will be back very soon.

Jun 3, 2009
* gwen

them staff are far too pleasent tbh..i mean what other shop wud u get cashiers that grunt at you for the money then flingin the change back at you..wudnt particularly choose this shop for retail therapy..however i love the clothes tho..shame about the staff..if they cracked a smile theyd crack their faces..

May 25, 2009
* Abby & Naomii!

Great Shopp! WoooooWooo!
Staff Classs
Clothes Class

May 25, 2009
* Cate

Shame about the 'rude staff' reviews for Belfast...... suggest everyone shops at Exhibit in Enniskillen, Erne Centre!! The staff there are very helpful, and lovely to chat with. They have time for you as a valued customer. Just shows the difference I guess.

May 12, 2009
* Charlotte

The Clothes Are Amazing! Staff Are OK

Love This Shop (:

Apr 9, 2009
* Gemma

Very pleased with how much staff have improved, will be bk soon. Lovely manageress and staff. Although girls at cash desk could do with a bit more manners. Overall very pleased with my visit, very helpful staff i will be back

Apr 8, 2009
* caoimhe

staff were very unproffesional and didnt have much enthusiasm. wouldnt recommend this shop to anyone

Feb 26, 2009
* casey

i have great please in saying that the staff are absolutly IGNORANTTTT!!

Feb 6, 2009
* f macfarlane

After been advised about a delivery by a very helpful assistant I called last night and was treated in an absolutely disgraceful manner. The staff were unhelpful and downright rude!!.This should be no surprise because when I asked to speak to a mangeress who was called Maggie she had no management skills whatsoever! Need to send this girl on a gew courses. Definately will not be shopping there again!!!!!

Dec 11, 2008
* mary

Very ignorant staff no customer service very dissapointed with shop compared to other exhibits

Dec 5, 2008
* caroline

staff were very unprofessional, didnt even give eye contact or say hello, just a bark to tell me how much it was!!!

Oct 15, 2008
* Gina

Staff not very pleasent, could do with going on a few courses on Customer Service. You would think they were working for free!!!!

Aug 20, 2008
* Natasha

Bad Staff Members Very Cheeky
Clothes are good but some faulty.

Jul 9, 2008

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