Dancing Dress - Exhibit
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Dress Store: Exhibit

Welcome to the Exhibit Fashion Shop page, We have listed the full address of Exhibit as well as phone numbers and website if they have one. Exhibit in Belfast. Exhibit can sell womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, suits and dresses in Belfast or help find clothes and shoes Belfast. [Edit Text]

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2 Park Centre
Donegall Road
Belfast, BT12 6HN
Phone: 028 90332474
Fax: 028 90332474

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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1 out of 11 users recommend this listing
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Latest Reviews

* andrea

i love exhibit for there clothes and there prices are the best around i live in belfast and shop mostly in park centre and castlecourt were i have always been treated fairly and with great customer service.

Dec 7, 2009
* Claire

think u guys should all visit the dungannon branch! the girls there r always willing 2help no matter wat the problem and after meeting them once ul feel like u've known them 4ages.i can honestly say ive never felt more happy 2shop in any other store

Dec 4, 2009
* Sarah lyons

I agree with the comments about the store in omni park centre dublin. I was paying for a dress at the counter and could not believe what I was hearing. The 2 assistants were making a mockery of their fellow employees.Not only this but they didnt say a word to me not even a thank you.I thought this was very unprofessional and rude. They really need a good manager and some customer service training.

Jul 30, 2009
* Anne-Marie

I have to agree with the lady who was unhappy with the Omni Shopping Centre branch of Exhibit. I have never come across such unprofessionalism, particularly when we are in recession times. When I visited this shop, I was the only customer there. I asked twice for assistance from the two "ladies" who stood behind the counter, only to be left standing there. I left the shop, empty handed, after 15 mins. Needless to say, I will not be back, nor would I recommend anyone else visit either. Shops such as this deserve what they get.

Jan 29, 2009
* Mary Doherty

My daughter wanted to buy a dress in Sandry Omni, they was only one which was on the dummy and they would not sell it to her, you would think in a reccession they would love to sell it. I rang the shop to be greeted by a very unprofessional, rude condecending girl who was the store manager who told me the dress on the dummy was prebooked and she had told my daughter this, my daughter and her sister were in the shop and the dress being prebooked was never mentioned, a little staff training would be the order of the day.

Dec 1, 2008
* bernadette

I was really annoyed when I bought a dress which cost 30pounds and I wore it out once. I had the dress on me for 3-4hours and I noticed it had all threaded. I was raging as it looked terrible and thank god it was under the arm so I could cover it up abit! I tried to return it to the shop and they would not give me a refund or credit note and said that they would send it away to be mended! I argued with the manager that I should get a refund as this was to do with the quality and she was so ignorant and said well I havnt had any other returns on this item before. This is not the customer service that should be given to anyone I won't be shopping in there again!!!

Nov 18, 2008
* mary margey

I was in your Exhibit Store in Derry Northern Ireland when I was on holidays in July, I had previousy purchased a skirt for my niece (a few days earlier) and wished to exchange it for something else, the staff would not let me do this or have a credit note, as they said it was a sale item but i was not told this on purchase and find this appalling, I live in Luton, you can always get a credit note or exchange sale items. Was told that my receipt said that i could not return it, I find that a bit late when you have already paid for it!!! It may have only costed 8.00 but it is the principal, and i think this is discussing service to offer and must affect our statory rights.

Aug 13, 2008

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