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Dress Store: Rag Freak

Welcome to the Rag Freak Fashion Shop page, We have listed the full address of Rag Freak as well as phone numbers and website if they have one. Rag Freak in Brighton. Rag Freak can sell womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, suits and dresses in Brighton or help find clothes and shoes Brighton. [Edit Text]

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Rag Freak
15 Cranbourne Street
Brighton, BN1 2RD
Phone: 01273 775117

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Shop Rank
8 out of 41 users recommend this listing
2 out of 41 users do not recommend this listing

Latest Reviews

* Claire

Rag freak is not an EMO shop, or a goth shop, its alternative. don't put a specific name on a shop because it sells black clothes. I love this shop, my friends work there and its amazing.

Jan 29, 2012
* joey

been there kool shop not emo punk and metal but VERY over priced 20 pounds a tshirts !? i can get em cheaper else wear its ok with good merch if u are ok with expensive stuff

Aug 14, 2011
* Amy Lyford

its not an emo store or a goth store.

Apr 11, 2010
* BlackWidow

Love this shop been shopping here for years the staff are great !

Feb 3, 2010
* jimmy

Sod emo kid and mr its too expensive! if u want summin ragfreak is the place to get it been there for 10 yrs geetin clothin and the staff have always done well to tend to my needs and for the prices........ well if u want stuff off of ebay then do that but im happier Ragfreakin it!!!

Oct 22, 2009
* emo kid

wow, one of the best clothing stores by far, if your a chav you might not wanna go here its pretty hardcore emo but i spent a fortune there the accesories are great. the people that work there realy know wat u want when you ask very good service. ide recomend it!:D XD

Oct 26, 2008
* kieran

Amazing shop, the service is great, easy to find and
very unique. Best shop around in brighton as far as im concerned... But as for prices its very expensive
so dont buy stuff from thier often :C

Feb 16, 2008

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