Dancing Dress - Anokhi House Of Sarees
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Dress Store: Anokhi House Of Sarees

Welcome to the Anokhi House Of Sarees Fashion Shop page, We have listed the full address of Anokhi House Of Sarees as well as phone numbers and website if they have one. Anokhi House Of Sarees in Leicester. Anokhi House Of Sarees can sell womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, suits and dresses in Leicester or help find clothes and shoes Leicester. [Edit Text]

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Anokhi House Of Sarees
99-101 Belgrave Road
Leicester, LE4 6AS
Phone: 0116-266 6622
Fax: 0116-261 0847

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

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Latest Reviews

* Trishna Shah

Great service & fantastic choice, well worth a trip!

Jan 31, 2012
* pinky boo

I phoned up on the 21st March 2011 simply asking...do you alter wedding dresses...the lady was very abrupt with me and said no we don't, bye and put the phone down without me even getting a word in. So I phone back, and asked in, do you speak to all your customers like that? and she replied, yes, and put the phone down. I called back, only then did she get her son to pick up the phone. He said she is my mother and will pass on the message. I told him this attitude will not bring in customers. I for one will not be bringing in my trade to them, and not only that we know the daughter of that family and have bought many outfits there in the past. I can only advise all of you not to go there. There will be no appreciation. Go to Pehnava or Saree Mandir, they are more attentive and will give you great service and respect at great prices. This place is overrated and the prices are extortionate.

Mar 22, 2011
* anonymous

This boutique offers a vast array of saarees and indian suits, and of the latest fashion as compared with other fashion houses.
Well worth checking out

Aug 22, 2007

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