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Dress Store: Scrooge

Welcome to the Scrooge Fashion Shop page, We have listed the full address of Scrooge as well as phone numbers and website if they have one. Scrooge in Northampton. Scrooge can sell womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, suits and dresses in Northampton or help find clothes and shoes Northampton. [Edit Text]

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139 Kettering Road
Northampton, NN1 4BS
Phone: 01604 624758
Fax: 01604 474404

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Shop Rank
2 out of 21 users recommend this listing
3 out of 21 users do not recommend this listing

Latest Reviews

* Laura Smith

If I say Scrooge was one of the reasons I moved to Northampton I wouldn't be lying ( just don't tell my boyfriend). Every time I go in I unearth a treasure for eras gone by. Every decade is catered for and the prices are much cheaper than online retailers and Ebay, plus you have the luxury of knowing it actually fits.

Enjoy having a rummage!

Mar 16, 2013
* Philippa & Danielle

We LOVE Scrooge! You can spend hours upon hours in there, rummaging through everything and finding some really good buys.
The lady is lovely, really chatty and her dog is so cute!
Such a good shop to have in Northampton as there's barely any alternative fashion shops.
(We left good feedback like you asked! haha :D)

Oct 10, 2011
* Claire

Many many happy hours have been spent in the wonderful truly vintage shop that is Scrooge of Northampton. Believe me, one needs to set aside at least an hour browsing time, for this fabulous shop is stacked to the very rafters with unique and fabulous retro and vintage pieces sourced by the lovely lady owner. Prices are very reasonable considering the quality and sheer concentration of unique finds, service is second to none and always has that all-important personal touch - molto bene!

Sep 13, 2011
* Marisa

I am a regular and it reminds me of the old 'Cornocopia' shop that used to be in Victoria. It is an Alladins cave but I do find the atmosphere a little odd and frosty as well as the owner at times. On more recent visits I have found a friendlier side to her. The shop in itelf is a goldmine for the vintge lover and not to be missed!!!

Oct 12, 2010
* ruby

i have been returning to scrooge for years. each item of clothing from this shop has recieved a multitude of compliments and i look forward to the magical treats that welcome you inside. It is by far the best vintage shop I have been to far and wide and has a 100% success rate. And to the lovely owner who we adore... keep up the italian.

Aug 18, 2010
* Jessie

I went into this shop today and think it is one of the best vintage shops i have been to for a long time! lovely lady! i will 100% will be going there again!

Mar 19, 2010
* Charlotte

I have to say it's always a pleasure to visit Scrooge despite the other review on this website. The owner is friendly and helpful and has a whole mine of vintage clothes for rummaging through. Though the prices can be a little steep you can haggle for a better price if you buy more than one item. The clothes are also of a much better quality than those which can be purchased at Trashy Flowers, another vintage shop in Northampton. All of the clothes I have bought from there need repairing after one wash (they are cheap) but the ones I have bought from Scrooge have lasted for years without needing any maintenance.
You get what you pay for!

Feb 11, 2010
* Mags

The woman dosen't like you carrying your own bag around, won't let you look at the vintage shoes in the back, won't allow shopping bags in the shoe area! it is a nightmare to shop in there, i rather hate going in there!
But it is the only place in Northampton to buy vintage.
Apart from the heavy atmosphere and the owner watching every move, they sell interesting items, but is a bit too expensive.

Jun 26, 2009

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