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Dress Store: Catwalk

Welcome to the Catwalk Fashion Shop page, We have listed the full address of Catwalk as well as phone numbers and website if they have one. Catwalk in Huddersfield. Catwalk can sell womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, suits and dresses in Huddersfield or help find clothes and shoes Huddersfield. [Edit Text]

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Unit 6/Kingsgate Centre
King Street
Huddersfield, HD1 2QB
Phone: 01484 426008
Fax: 01484 426017

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Shop Rank
5 out of 19 users recommend this listing
0 out of 19 users do not recommend this listing

Latest Reviews

* Ruth

Do not buy anything from this shop
My daughter in Law bought a pair of shoes for her 3 year old daughter on a Saturday for a party she wore them for 2 hours and they broke she returned them on Monday with her receipt and was told to leave the shop and no refund would be given.

May 7, 2013
* Ella

I went to go buy a pair of shoes at this store, the shoes where really nice but where damaged. I took the shoes back and they would not refund me. The customer service is really bad as it feels like the staff are always following you. i would not go back.

Aug 13, 2012
* Reets

This store is totally amazing, they are due to close I'm the kings gate but have already re located right outside . It is so trendy and classy the staff are great and cheery, you can get all you need in this fabulous store. Catwalk rocks

Apr 20, 2012
* Gina

This is one of the best shops in town, they always have up to the minute fashion, a great range including shoes and boots and I have always found everything to be of good quality.

Nov 28, 2011
* Makenzie(Its a girl)

Catwalk is imence it has some gorgeous clothes and has a really good service I shop there nearly all the time and i always have some sort of voucher for catwalk!!

Jan 9, 2011
* Linda

I love to shop at catwalk, it is a womans best friend as they have everything a girl could need in her wardrobe, people who are insulting the shop need to get their eyes tested. :) good day!

Sep 17, 2009
* Katy

I think catwalk is a wicked shop it looks classy and the staff give great service plus since the credit crunch is effecting us all it seems like the right thing to do, good quality clothing for good prices! what more could you ask for? definatly my glass of coke :D

Sep 5, 2009
* The best

Sibas sooo very wrong, i shop there all the time and its great. The people are lovely, good service and its a nice enough shop.

Jun 3, 2009
* David

the person above does not now what they are talking about... the shop had everything.... i bought clothes for my wife at great price and excellent quality.

Apr 12, 2009
* siba marchant

I was very disappointed to enter this shop and be faced with racks and racks of cheap market clothes. Don't get me wrong I love shopping in markets but I don't expect the same clothes to be in a shopping centre at inflated prices.

Sep 2, 2007

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